Hi guys and gals! I just want to say thanks so much for your prayers. We are safely at our first stop in Jeffrey’s Bay, enjoying some warm South African hospitality. Barring a minor incident involving a poopy diaper which also made me a poopy pants, the travels have been smooth sailing and grace-covered. So thank you!

The open road has given me lots of visual food for thought, and I’ve even grabbed a few great shots to share at some of our stops! I look forward to having a chance to post it here for you!

In the meantime,please enjoy an old shot from a place we passed through today, Wilderness. It’s Bear and me when we were in Wilderness over a year ago. We were just visiting South Africa and didn’t yet know we’d been moving here eight months later. What a great story for another day!

Thanks again for your prayers — more coming your way from the open road soon!