I‘m not one for creating a religious rule to abide by any means. Or for saying something always ought to be done a certain way, at a certain time, or in a certain place. (Since Jesus seemed to move in different ways at different times.) So please don’t think for a moment that with the following I intend to create a rule for you to begin to abide by as soon as you’ve finished reading this post.

Lately I have taken the time every now and then to get on my knees before God. I often sit and read my Bible on the couch in our living room while the Bear is napping. I’ll pray for a while, just sitting there quietly.

Sometimes, however, I just want to make sure I remind myself that God is God and I am not. I am glad that He calls me His friend. I also want to revere Him as my Lord and King.

Out of a desire to do so, the other day I spent a few minutes on my knees in prayer. A great calm met me there, and I felt peace at just having taken the time to bow myself before a Holy, Holy God. There was a great reverent intimacy in that moment, and I was glad I had listened to the prompting to get low. It reminded me of some lovely lyrics from a song that is sung by Nicole Mullen (and some other folks):

I get on my knees, I get on my knees,
There I am before the love that changes me.
See I don’t know how, but there’s power,
When I’m on my knees.

If you find yourself struggling to focus, distracted, or perhaps just unable to dig deeper in prayer, I would love to recommend getting on your knees before your heavenly Father. Ask Him to help you pray if you don’t know how to pray or what to pray. Sometimes the most simple acts of worship can have incredibly profound results.