Three years in the UK and cultures finally collided. The decision to circumcise our son meant it had to happen on our kitchen table. A very skilled surgeon. Two-month-old-eyes that never looked so painfully blue. Standard procedure. Some nursing, a nap.

A discovery. …

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Well, I am feeling honoured today! A story of mine is featured at the Run-a-Muck in a wonderful series called NightLight Guide. Every Friday, folks from all over the world wide web have been getting together there to talk about issues, life experiences, questions of faith and a whole bunch of other good stuff especially focused on encouraging younger women. Awesome! Please visit the Run-a-Muck today to check it out!

And in case you’re wondering — yes, it is a very true, story indeed.

The Bear was just a little cub, like this, in case you’d like some visuals to accompany the narrative:

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