Hey guys and gals. You are probably aware of the sad state of affairs regarding my MacBook. If not, just read the previous couple of entries and you’ll be up to speed. The jury’s still out on its survival. And now here it is, Travelling Tuesday, but without my MacBook, my iPhoto library … my crutches, I am in a poor state to create a beautiful and exciting TT for you! However next week, I should have some awesome shots from the shoe distributions happening Thursday and Saturday to share with you. And that will rock! And I will get it on this website if I have to drag it through cyberspace!

In the meantime I was hoping to ask you to do a little travelling for me this Tuesday. You see, my friend Arlissa is in the running for a Pepsi Refresh Project grant for $25K. Yes, $25,000. Whoa. I lived with her for a while at university and we ministered to international students together and I think she is awesome, and her artwork and her vision for ministry are fabulous, and forgive me for the run-on, I just think if anybody’s gonna use that $25K to the glory of God, she will!

So. Will you travel for me today to Pepsi Refresh Project and vote for Arlissa’s project, Visual Overture? You’ll also get there by copying and pasting this address into your browser: http://www.refresheverything.com/visualoverture. The grant will help develop her magazine, Visual Overture, and she’ll also use it to offer scholarships to other emerging artists. (That was a really basic synopsis, but you can read more on the site.) Way to pay it forward, Arlissa!

You can vote every day until the end of the month. If you decide to connect via Facebook, make sure once you are signed in to Facebook you click the vote for this idea button again. It should say Bam or Rock On or something. I think I might’ve missed two days worth of votes because of that little hiccough! I think you’ll hear the sound of a Pepsi can opening, too. HH and I had a discussion about that, because it sounds different from a can of Coke opening. I digress.

I hope to be up and running with some more deep thoughts and sweet shots soon. In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying your journey today! Thanks for travelling for me!