It’s an old saying I mentioned yesterday. It has more and more meaning to me all the time.

Every Person Has a Story.

Here’s a bit of one.

I had the privilege of washing this guy’s feet the other day.

He shared with me a little bit about his home life. His Dad gets angry with him sometimes. I have a feeling he was playing it down when he talked about it.

As I prayed for him, I was in tears. You don’t know a person’s story until you ask, and I was really glad I did.

I prayed that the plans God has for his life would come to pass. That he would be able to endure the challenges of this season of his life, that the Lord would be his refuge.

How incredibly fortunate and privileged I have been my entire life — in moments like these I see it most clearly. And yet, I forget thankfulness again and again.

O, to grace, how great a debtor, daily I’m constrained to be.

So many stories are taking place all around us.

Seize the opportunity to take a moment and hear someone’s story today. You have no idea how much it might mean to them.

Or to you.