Just to update those of you itching to find out whether the MacBook survived its special baptism…the answer is, at present, inconclusive. It has started up a few times, which is really encouraging. But it has also fizzled out a few times, which makes me nervous.

We decided to let it dry for a while before we tried to use it anymore, and just before Hero Hubby left a wee while ago (airport run) he started it up for me. It started up without a problem. I finished what I was doing on his laptop and then sauntered over with bated breath and made a great attempt at not getting overly excited, only to find that it had perhaps either gone to sleep or decided now’s not a good time or just checked out because, hey, it has moisture under the keyboard and it’s not sure how it feels about that.

So, I’m optimistic and hopeful about the return of the MacBook. And it seems like the hard drive is fine, so if nothing else I can pop that into an external hard drive and basically use my computer on HH’s computer. Isn’t that amazing? But not an easy feat…plus sharing is hard.

If you’d like to pray for this great and trivial issue, I would most certainly appreciate it.

This week we’re balancing the impending arrival of two house guests, the forthcoming execution of two shoe distributions (yay!), and trying to bring together some tax information from the past three years and three continents which is another totally great story I am looking forward to telling you later and you’re gonna love it, all while operating a MacBook down at present! I’d say we’re doing pretty well since we haven’t had any fights yet! 😉

But a prayer or two never hurt.


P.S. If you don’t hear from me much this week, rest assured I am dying to communicate with you, but rather impaired by the present situation. It will surely resolve itself soon. In the meantime, I have been telling the Lord that I want to long for Him the way I long for time on my MacBook. Which I know sounds rather backwards, but I think He understands what I mean. And it sure gives me a lot to think about. 🙂