Hi guys and gals!  I am updating a few things, a’swirling and a’twirling a few things around, and hoping to in the end produce a nicer look and feel for you very soon. So if over the next day or two (or forgive me, maybe three) things look a little funky, strange or odd, please forgive me. All the content you’ve enjoyed from days gone by is still available! And there’s more great stuff to come! And hopefully it might mean I’ll be able to pocket some change at the same time which could support our ministry here — and wouldn’t that just be a win/win/win situation?  In the meantime, we’re


whilst hosting grandparents and juggling a now running toddler whoathathappenedfast
so please excuse the mess!


P.S. If while I’m at it, you have any requests, suggestions, preferences, etc., I would love to hear them! What do you like? What don’t you like? Please let me know!