I thought I’d give you another quick slice of life around here this Tuesday, pretty much because it’s been a busy day and I need to get a chicken in the oven in twenty minutes! Let’s see if I can make it happen…

The weather’s cooling off for us now. And probably warming up for you. Lucky.

But we have these beautiful sunrises coming over the mountains in the morning!

If you happen to hold your cursor over that picture and wonder why it is entitled “Sunset Reflection,” well, I was in a hurry — I told you, I only have twenty minutes!

That one too. Sunrise. Sorry.

A big slice of life in Gordon’s Bay right now: We’re reading plenty of books these days.

Notice anything on the Bear’s chin?

He got in a fight with the corner of the tupperware drawer. I suppose he came off second best.

But we picked out that puzzle from Grandpa I told you about…

He’s pretty stoked.

It has a little car that plays music. Buttons + Music as a result of pushing said buttons = Happy Bear


He’s still figuring out what goes where…which is good. What fun would it be if he could figure it out first time?

Okay! I saved the best sunset sunrise!! shot for last and I still have nine minutes to tell all these pictures to be the right size and wrap up! Yeah!

Dern! That took a while to upload! But that’s a twenty-minute slice of life around here these days!

Two minutes to spare! What’s happening in your neck of the woods?