Oh my friends! I have so many thoughts to share with you and things I’d like to ask your opinion about, but at the moment I am enjoying the company of my mother and father-in-law, visiting from exotic Bloemfontein! Plus there is the issue of working on making this website a pretty place for you to come and visit now that I have integrated the ads from BlogHer. What a challenge! (Btw, if you have any design skills and would like to help make this a prettier place, let me know!)

I thought I would just give you a taste of the loveliness of enjoying grandparents with the Bear — as I’ve told you before, there is just something special about seeing grandparents and grandchildren together that tugs at my heart strings!  We’ll be enjoying this slice of life for a few more days…

Clearly the Bear is being polite and not smiling because he has a mouthful of food.

We just need to convince Hero Hub’s sister to come for a visit at the same time and we really will have the whole gang (that lives inside South Africa) here!

HH and I will even have a date night tonight with Gun-guh and Granny holding down the fort! Our first one this year! More to come, but in the meantime, do you have any special traditions you’d like to share when you get the gang together?