Dear Bear Bear,

You’re 19 months old today! And at 19 months, you’re a lean mean, (but not really mean) toddling, talking, grape-eating machine. You’ve seriously never met a grape you didn’t like. And you finally have at least nine teeth!

I’m sorry that sometimes

your Mom and Dad think

it might be funny

to give you one of these incredibly massive South African grapes

and watch you try to succeed with it.*

Thanks for giving us some of the sweetest 19 months of our lives.

We’ll try to be sweeter to you! 🙂 Happy Birfday!

Mama & Dada

*Please let all the worriers, letter-writers, disgruntled critics and folks concerned with the ethical treatment of children be assured no Bears were harmed or put at risk in the taking of these photographs. Should you decide to give your child oversized grapes too, I highly recommend staying present just in case. Better yet, don’t try this at home.