Guys and gals, you are awesome. Seriously. I feel like I’d almost forgotten what it was like to interact with people you’ve known for longer than six months. If you were one of the folks who decided to say a prayer, send a message or leave a comment, thank you thank you thank you. I am truly encouraged. It was a privilege to receive your kind and thoughtful words and just to be reminded that other folks are going through the same stuff. I am looking forward to replying to each of you to thank you personally!

A lot of cool stuff has happened since my last post. I am very glad I decided to be real! Literally within a few minutes someone sent us a gift of “spendable encouragement” and then I woke up the next morning to messages and comments and good old encouraging love! Then some friends offered to pay the cost of duties and customs for the gift… and it was finally the beginning of our new fiscal month and we went grocery shopping (that always helps) … and today we had lunch with Rob & Brenda Young, two pastors and wonderful people visiting from Scotland who are very dear to us … and I am starting to sound like a six year old who just got home from school and wants to tell you everything that happened.

Needless to say, the box situation has almost resolved itself… bar some additional paperwork… we’ve spent time with dear friends (pictures to come)… the Blogher network is going to let me run ads for them and I even trimmed the Bear’s hair a little (pictures to come) and there I go again I should be typing with a lisp. Not a lot has really changed in our life situations, per se, but the opportunity tough moments give us to get a change of perspective and an opportunity to thoughtfully choose our attitudes with a little help from our friends… that’s where the good stuff happens. If that made any sense. And today’s sermon in a nutshell is: If you are trying to live life as a Christian and you don’t have a community to live it in… you need one!

I hope to have more pictures, encouragements and general-feel-goodness coming your way very soon. But I’m going to work on doing a better job of being real. Why does my grumpy real-ness get more retweets that anything else? In the meantime, I just want to say thank you again and again, and again, for being an encouragement to me!

Here’s the Bear’s before shot in the meantime…more to come!