Although it’s strange to feel totally “home” in this place so far away from the place I was born, it is good to be back “home” in Gordon’s Bay. When you get back to your own pillow, your own kitchen (+ a dishwasher!) and your own familiar sights and smells, it feels good. I thought I’d share a few more slices of life at the moment with you this Travelling Tuesday. This post may be closely followed by a post where I’ll get a little more ‘real’ about life here at the moment, in ways that can’t be captured in pictures exactly. We’ll see!

These are what our travels looked like on the way home:

Follow the Yellow Paint Line

Mountains continually in the distance, fields stretching out as far as you can see, and skies that look too big to capture. (The topography changes a little when you get closer to the Cape and it is really beautiful). Are you perhaps taking a closer look at this picture and wondering why the heck are you halfway off the highway? Well, in South Africa, (don’t forget we drive on the left) there is a very polite manner of driving along the roads, in some instances. Mainly along highways, and from what I hear, not in Joburg.

Since there are very wide shoulders on most highways, a car will graciously pull aside (still moving forward at its usual speed), driving over the yellow line along the shoulder to make it easier for the next car to come past. The car comes past and (you might guess this is my favourite part) they wave, or put on their hazards as a “thank you!” And you can do the same. When we pass people I often put the hazards on even though I’m not driving. It feels so sweet and friendly!

We also passed an occasional fire or two. I always wonder what’s happening and if it’s just out in the fields and hope no one’s going to get hurt. In some places, it’s just dry, and the fires are a natural part of the system, clearing the bush and popping open seeds that will get their chance to take a turn in the great circle of life as a result. It’s very poetic and Lion King-esque if you think about it. 🙂


This is what the Bear’s travels look like at the moment. He LOVES this little car. I’m sad to say he is quickly outgrowing it. I love this shot because there are three generations there. Beautiful, good, thought-provoking stuff.

Travelling Bear

And this the funny ridin’ my car face he is often making if he’s not toting along a pet rock. Great story I’ll have to tell you soon.

Yay for the Car

In the meantime, I hope your Tuesday is going great, and that the road rises to meet you wherever your adventures take you next!