As I’m sure many of you have been feeling, my heart aches as I see all the destruction and devastation resulting from the earthquakes in Haiti. We don’t have TV at home, but when we’re at the gym I’ve been watching the news footage constantly, and it is such a strange and unsettling and surreal feeling to stare at the little TV screen on the Elliptical, see the hurting faces of so many children and adults, and just keep working out as if it’s just another day. I’ve been praying for the people who have lost loved ones, the loved ones who are trying to find each other, the survivors still in the rubble waiting to be found, and those hurting and waiting for medical attention, for someone to touch them, to help them, perhaps even just to tell them it’s going to be okay. May the Lord bring peace in the midst of chaos, rescue and reunion, and restoration.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the Haitians overseas, seeing the expatriate actors and politicians of Haiti who are around the world pleading for people to help, to give, and to go. I remember that I’d only been out of the country for a few months when Katrina hit back in the US, and my heart ached to see “my people” suffering so much. I remember praying for my sister when she travelled down to New Orleans to help. I remember how sad I was to see the devastation, the sorrow, the anger, the outrage, the blaming, the places where it looked like things hadn’t come together as they should have…things that even looked a lot like chaos. It is hard to be far away watching and feeling like you’re helpless to make a difference. To the Haitians living abroad wondering if your family is okay, waiting to hear some good news, perhaps heavy-hearted to be far away and unable to help, I’d like to say hold on to hope, and if you believe in prayer, keep praying. I hope you find encouragement in knowing that people are thinking of you, and praying for you, too.

I hope we can continue to pray, to give and to go. I have a lot of respect for Compassion as a ministry agency, so I’m attaching their link below, in case you’d like to consider giving to help the relief efforts in Haiti.

Lord, please be with those suffering in Haiti, and please bless us with the peace which surpasses understanding when things don’t seem to make sense.