In some ways I’ve been experiencing a sort of spiritual renaissance lately. I think there is something really significant about going through trials, learning to trust God and count it all joy. Plus, I’ve just been challenged, as I may have shared with you, that if I want to be real about anything, I want to be real about seeking and loving God.

One little tidbit of delight that has been bringing me joy lately has sprung out of my continued realisation that the Lord really loves me. As I shared with you at New Year’s, I’ve been allowing myself to soak that in, and really believe it all over again. And as a result I am reminded of so many beautiful truths. The Lord loved me long before I loved Him. The Lord loved me before I even knew what love was. He knit me together in my mother’s womb, and He gave me a great mother, so He really must’ve loved me even then! 😉

In response to this love, instead of saying “I love you, Lord” in prayers and quiet moments here and there, I’ve often been saying “I love You, too.” This simple sentence is such a beautiful reminder to my soul that I love the Lord because He first loved me. And that I’m only able to love Him because He already loves me, and has put His love in me.

I can't wait to hear an "I love you, too" from this little guy. I wonder if that's how the Lord feels about us.

I can't wait to hear an "I love you, too" from this little guy. I wonder if that's how the Lord feels about us.

It just feels different to say “I love you, too” no matter whom you’re saying it to. The first statement, “I love you” feels like you’re taking the action and onus on yourself — to profess love, to point out something you are doing or feeling or being, and you might often say it without really knowing whether the other person will also say it in response. It can be a bit risky, hey? But “I love you, too” says “I know you love me. I am glad you love me. I am happy to be in your love, and I am responding to your love with love.”

At the moment it occasionally feels like a tiny revolution in my heart, to constantly remind myself that I am loved by God, as I tell Him I love Him (too). And although it may not feel that way forever, as we are created beings which tend to tire of doing something a certain way (shouldn’t we be thankful for seasons and time and all the changes the Lord has given us, since we are the way we are!?) I thought I would nevertheless share this potential tiny revolution with you, in case it would stir your heart to be reminded of the goodness of God toward you. He already loves you. Very much. I hope it causes you to worship, to be so very glad, and to love Him, too.