Start by simply stuffing toys in the washing machine.

Place Toys in Washer

If necessary, get up and push to fit the whole load in.

Stuff it

Take a look around to make sure no one is saying “Nooooooo.”

Is this allowed?

Carefully read the instructions to make sure you’re selecting the right cycle. Teddy is most certainly a delicate.

Carefully Read Instructions

Push buttons and push buttons and push buttons while your Mom thanks the Lord you haven’t thought of closing the door.

Push Buttons

Look for approval for a job well done. It’s good to be pleased with your work.


The cycle must take a few minutes at least. Settle down to read a book while you wait for your laundry to be done.

Read While You Wait

My thoughts: If he’s entertained, and he hasn’t figured out how to close the door properly so that the machine actually starts, I’m happy. At least I know where to find just about everything that’s gone missing around the flat.