Today was supposed to be a Travelling Tuesday in the literal sense, as we had planned to head back to Gordon’s Bay on this bonnie Travelling Tuesday. Well, we actually planned to head back yesterday and take a couple of days to get home, and then decided that wasn’t such a nice way of making the trip. And when we realised Mark’s sister Lyn was flying out yesterday, we thought it would be stinky for us to all leave on the same day. So we we pushed it back a day, and now another, to get a few last errands done here in Bloem and enjoy just a bit more time of seeing the Bear with his grandparents. It brings joy to our souls! Sorry if that was a lot of info — anyway, tomorrow will be a Travelling Wednesday (for us) instead!

In the meantime, I thought I’d give you a wee review of a few Christmas highlights from our adventure in Bloem. In case you missed TT last week and you’d like to know a little more about Bloemfontein, check out this post.

We had a warm and sunny Christmas. The Bear revelled in his freedom from the bondage of clothing, and often went naked or (more often) just had a nappy on (since he’s not potty trained yet and we got tired of cleaning pee pee on the patio).

Yay Summer

Mark’s Mom’s amazing ice cream cake dessert made a sparkling entrance…

Dessert with Sparkle

Mark and I decorated the vintage Collie tree. We afterwards discovered we’d used the top and bottom sections (leaving out the middle section) which meant the branch sizes of the two sections didn’t exactly uhh...match up.  I think it turned out pretty anyway.


The Bear is enjoying his new toys, and sometimes seems to wonder…Should I pway wiv dis one or dat one now?


And, as previously mentioned, I HAD BACON COVERED CHERRIES AGAIN!!! YAY!!! If you missed the discussion, check out this post for a well worth it how-to.

That Happened

Tomorrow we’ll be saying bye-bye Bloemfontein and the adventure will continue as we head back to Gordon’s Bay. It will be sad to leave but we hope to be back again soon. The travel never seems to stop!! I’ll be back online with more thoughts, more shots and hopefully more general merriment soon! In the meantime, I hope the road rises to meet you wherever your travels take you next!