In honour of Scotland’s special national day yesterday, we return to beautiful Caledonia this Travelling Tuesday for a wee walk in the Pentland Hills. These beautiful hills are a delightful escape into the Scottish countryside, sitting just on the southern edge of the city of Edinburgh. I didn’t spend nearly as much time on them as I should have.

Picture happy sheep, grreen grreen grrass, and enjoying wee kick back in a pub after a nice chilly hike in the rain. How the outdoors in Scotland should be. Herewith, the aforementioned visuals:

I dinnae remember the name of the loch below, sorry!


But enjoy the fact that all that purple is these delicate and beautiful flowers:

Bonnie Scotland

Scotland the Brave, Scotland the Beautiful. We salute you!

Happy Trails to you this Travelling Tuesday. May the road rise to meet you!