As expected, it’s a hot and sunny Christmas in our neck of the woods right now. Beautiful. I am still sorely missing my family, but I am doing my best to enjoy the beauty and laughs of doing some new traditions over the holidays, while remembering that it’s the goodness of God that this season is all about!

Last night Mark was making these tasty South African dessert drinks (called Dom Pedros) for us and spilled most of the first batch on the kitchen floor. It was a funny moment, and I almost think we should start a new tradition because of it. Instead of hot chocolate, a tasty ice cream drink will certainly do!

One delightful tradition I’ve discovered that was an annual event in the Collie household was having watermelon at Christmas. They used to let the watermelon float around in the swimming pool to keep it cool until it was time to cut it and eat it. And it makes sense for it to be a Christmas fruit — it’s red and green! The Bear had his first taste of Christmas watermelon yesterday and I think he really likes it! Mark captured some great shots of this Christmas first. Can you guess what the little seed is that is stuck to his face from his lunch?  Feel free to enjoy the photos, and then get back to enjoying the holiday with your family!!

Melon Bear

Yum!Yum yum!Good on sore Bear Gums

I hope to get some photos of my new favourite Christmas tradition — bacon covered cherries — to share with you tomorrow! With step-by-step instructions. If you’re keen to follow along, pick up a pack of bacon, some toothpicks and some glazed cherries today!

Till then, have yourself a very Merry Christmas!