Does Christmas ever feel a bit icky to you in some strange way? Like you feel like you’d like to do things differently…make it less about Santa and more about Jesus…less about the presents and more about His Presence…less about the twinkly lights and more about letting your light shine? You get the idea.

Charlie Brown's Delightful TreeIf so, I just want to share a quick recommendation with you. There’s a website called Christmas Change that I came across the other day, and from what I’ve read so far, I’ve found some great thoughts and encouragement that you might also find inspirational for making some of the changes that will make Christmas less ‘icky’ and more full of peace, love and Jesus! I particularly enjoyed this post — especially the loads and loads of comments. Please read the comments — they’re the best part!

A few of the changes around the Collie household so far…I think I’ve already told you we won’t have a tree in our flat (since we gave it away in Edinburgh and I’d rather save up for a dishwasher!) and we’re not spending money on new decorations. I’ve been trolling the web for ideas of things to do with things we already have. (Like my pom-poms!) I’m hoping we’ll draw names among the adults at our get-together at Mark’s parents’ in Bloemfontein, so that we don’t waste money getting each other something just to get each other something, but everyone still has a little prezzie on Christmas morning. (The Bear will probably still get prezzies from everyone…but that’s okay, he actually needs new toys.)

More than anything else, I am really hoping to take our peaceful time in Bloemfontein as a time of refreshing and reflection, to go after His Presence instead of going out to look for presents, and to share love and a good time with family. (Although I will surely be missing my Mom & Dad & brother & sister!)

Are you planning on making any changes to your Christmas this year? Please do share!