I have been reading through Exodus lately. I’m in the section where the initial instructions are given for the Tabernacle, where the Lord will dwell among the Israelites while they are in the wilderness. You’ll know if you’ve read it — the instructions are incredibly specific — this item is to be gold, this one bronze, this one silver. This thing should be this length, that one that length, there should be rings to hold gold bars in order to carry this and that. The amount of workmanship and craftsmanship required to make this happen — it’s really incredible.

As you get into the intricacies of the Tabernacle, even the types of fabric to be used for the priests clothing or the curtains, there are lessons one after another. It is amazing how significant badger skin can be! But this morning I was reminded of what I think is one of the biggest lessons of all: A Wonderful, Holy God desires to dwell among us. He desires to be a part of our lives. And He wants us to build a space where He can dwell. Fortunately, you don’t need to get out your hammer, your badger skins, or your sewing machine for this. Because Christ came into the world, we have boldness and confident access to enter into the presence of God, and to welcome Him into our lives — not by our own works, as if we had the skills or talents or intrinsic goodness to make it possible — but simply because we’ve been forgiven, and we are acceptable, thanks to the work of Christ on the cross.

Open HeartI asked the question, I suppose of myself and the Lord: What does it look like to build a space for the Lord? And time was my thought before any other. One of the most significant spaces you can build for just about anyone is a space of time in your life. You can write a cheque, you can do some good deed, but there is nothing like giving people time. At 15 months old, I can already see that my son would rather have my time — me playing with him or reading to him — than new toys.

We can build a space of time for the Lord in our days, where we read His word and seek His face. We can build a space for the Lord in our words — seizing opportunities for Him to speak to others through our mouths. We can build space for Him in our families, when we take the time to teach our children His ways, and when we pray and worship Him together.

In the goodness of God, He saw it fit to give us life — and we have the awesome privilege of opening up our lives to Him, and allowing Him into every space and sphere: our words and deeds, our work and relationships, our minds and hearts…the list goes on and on. It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to take a fresh look at the Tabernacle that is your life, each day, and to open it up for the Lord to fill it will His presence. Take a moment to consider a new space He could fill — and then enjoy the privilege of inviting Him in and watch how He inhabits your life in a new way. Expect it to be glorious! Christ in you is the hope of glory!