Okay, so this is just a hilariously silly Travelling Tuesday. You will probably never never guess where this has come from, so I will have to tell you. Some of you, being the brilliant readers that you are, might recognise a Heilan Coo (Translation, a Highland Cow) when you see one. These bonnie creatures rove the bonnie hills of rural Scotland. They are famous for their shaggy hair, their sassy fringe, their big and majestic horns…and sometimes…their awfully long tongues.  But don’t be quick to judge! This is no heilan heilan coo! We were visiting my friend Amiee in North Carolina…Mooresville to be exact…and went to this amazing, and amazingly random safari park, complete with giraffes, rhinos, zebras, horses, pigs, deer…I mean you name it…and wow oh wow…highland coos! Mark and I were still living in Scotland at the time, so it was delightful to see these “familiar faces” up close and personal…

Would you like, perhaps to see a highland coo from a different angle? Don’t worry my friend, I have also arranged that for you, below! (It’s the one on the left.)


May your travels bring you such bonnie sights, wherever the roads may take you… 😉