It is often the case that when I am waiting for something to happen, for example, if we are trusting God for the finances we need, I want to know how it is going to come about. I even pray specifically, let it be that… a gift shows up today, or this happens or that happens. And sometimes I am reminded who I am…and that I am not the great I AM.

When Moses was being called by the Lord to deliver the people from Egypt, he had a lot of fears, and a lot of questions. He didn’t understand how he could be used to deliver the Israelites who were enslaved to the Egyptians, because he wasn’t a very good speaker, in his own opinion. (See the first few chapters of Exodus for more.) But God didn’t answer him by saying, “Okay so first I’m gonna sort out your speech impediment. Step 2, I’m gonna harden Pharoah’s heart. Step 3, we’ll do some miraculous stuff…” You get the idea.

Instead of giving Moses the play by play, the Lord answered by reminding Moses, “I am the Lord.” Similar to his first encounter at the burning bush, when the Lord told Moses. “I AM WHO I AM.” The possibility of deliverance for the Israelites had nothing to do with Moses’ resume or skill set — it had everything to do with God, being the Lord, Who intended to keep His covenant and redeem His people. And all that is necessary for something to become possible is for the Lord to set His heart to do it.

We are often afraid of stepping out to do something we know we ought to do, even something we sense the Lord telling us to do, because we fear we don’t have the skills and abilities to do it. It is not our skills and abilities, but the work of God in us and through us, that will make anything possible.

I wonder if things would have been different if Moses had been more willing to trust God. The Lord conceded to give Moses a ‘spokesman’ in Aaron, which meant that God would speak His will and words to Moses, Moses would share them with Aaron, and Aaron would speak to Pharaoh and to the Israelites on his behalf. Perhaps Aaron got “too big for his britches” in taking such a role in fulfilling a part of the call that Moses was supposed to answer. Not too much later, the story finds the Israelites delivered from the Egyptians, Moses on the mountaintop with God, and Aaron down with the people, making idols for them. I digress on that point, really.

The Sermon in a Nutshell: Don’t be afraid to step out and do what I AM has called you to do. The Lord is the Lord, and when He is at work, though you may not see how, anything is possible.