This Travelling Tuesday shot is from my second trip to South Africa, the first trip Mark and I made here together. We spent some time in Cape Town, travelled along the garden route to Knysna, up toward Bloemfontein where I met Mark’s parents. The second week of the adventure, we stayed at a Game Reserve called Makhasa, run by some old friends of Mark’s (discount!) and on our last day there, Mark asked me to marry him!  Lovely story for another day as well!  This shot is from the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, looking down towards Victoria Drive. On our way up Victoria Drive towards Table Mountain we saw whales breaching from our wee moped. We pulled off and watched them go by and just felt blessed by the experience.  This is looking south from Table Mountain, the hills along the way are called the Twelve Apostles. No wonder this is one of the top honeymoon and vacation destinations in the world! It’s gorgeous!