This week’s Travelling Tuesday shot is from the Lake District in England. Mark and I went camping there a few years ago, and it was a beautiful weekend in some beautiful surroundings. What made this shot so special (besides the fact that it turned out fairly well considering we had the camera set on a tripod and were running back and forth using the timer) was that we went to the Spar (a wee grocery store) and bought a cheap disposable grill, some marinated lamb chops we found in the reduced section, a baguette and some drinks… And it was some of the BEST lamb we’ve ever enjoyed and a meal we often look back on with fondness! Mark even toasted the bread a little and it was lovely! It is amazing how some of the simple things in life can be more enjoyable than posh accommodation and a five-star restaurant. Hope you’ll enjoy the peaceful scene, and find one for yourself, sometime soon.