I’ve decided to bring a new wee feature to the blog, for your viewership enjoyment, which will be Traveling Tuesdays. My dear friend Rob likes to spell travelling with two l’s, which is totally okay, according to my Mac Dictionary, and sort of makes sense, because the two-l spelling is chiefly British, and so is he, in a Zimbabwean sort of way. This isn’t really a problem unless he sets up your wireless router for you, and tells you ‘travelling’ is the password, without spelling it. I’m sure you can figure out where the trouble comes in.

Since we’re doing a good bit of ‘travelling’ these days, and Mark and I have both had some good opportunities to travel in the past, I thought you might enjoy a few snapshots from here and there. I was thinking of letting you guess where each one is from, but that seems a bit trite. Feel free to give feedback. I’ll try to include a story with each pic if it has a good one.

Without further ado, let the Travelling Tuesdays…begin.

This is possibly one of my most favourite travel shots ever.

Hopefully, you can guess the location. The backstory: Mark and I were closing accounts in Edinburgh before our move to South Africa, and discovered we had enough miles on our Airmiles card to head to either Dublin or Paris. It was either use ’em or lose ’em and we couldn’t use them towards our upcoming flights to America or South Africa, so we said, well thanks very much, I guess we’ll make the most of ’em!  We were able to go over our second anniversary, and the trip was amazing, wonderful, and super special. How many kids can say they made it to the top of the Eiffel Tower before their first birthday? 🙂