In honour of our impending arrival, this week’s Travelling Tuesday Shot is one Mark took in South Africa.  We’ll actually be in the middle of our travels when this hits the web — in Dubai on our way to Johannesburg!  Enjoy the photo, and the backstory is below!

Mark’s Backstory:

In 1998, some friends and I hiked the Otter Trail in the Tsitsikamma National Park on the south east coast of South Africa. The hike is along the coast, and the Lord blessed us day after day with beautiful sights and amazing moments. On some parts of the hike we had to ford rivers by sticking all our stuff in a water proof bag and swimming across. We saw dolphins again and again, and snorkeled with rays. I even had a very close encounter with a shark … there were a bunch of us snorkeling and a shark came up and had a look at me, but decided I was too scrawny to be of any nutritional value and swam off. This picture was taken on the fourth night of the five day hike. We experienced so much along the way, this moment was like the crowning glory  — the sunset we had as we were enjoying our last evening meal together.”