Hi guys and gals. Thanks for your prayers. We’ve made it safely to Scotland! We just had one slight delay on our long flight from New Jersey to Edinburgh, so we hung out in the airport there for a wee while. Asher was, as usual an absolute star traveller. He didn’t get to sleep until 11 pm Wednesday night and was still his sweet lil’ self yesterday. We’ve been welcomed to Edinburgh with temps in the 50s (Fahrenheit), rain, clouds, wind and darkness. It feels like a confirmation from the Lord that this is not where He wants us anymore. Sure is a cold confirmation! Here’s the top travel story from this adventure:

So you know how the computers at the airport have the touch screens on the front side that are connected to the travel assistant’s computer behind the counter? Well…at our departure from RDU, I swiped my passport to start checking us in, and it didn’t come up as having a travel itinerary, so the flight attendant came to swipe Mark’s and help sort us out. Our computer sort of froze, so she switched to the other touch screen, but went behind the counter to start searching because I still wasn’t coming up on the itinerary.  Someone else came along to check in and started using the front side of the computer while was she was still busy searching for our itinerary at the back. I tried to say, “I think she’s using that one…” but the lady had a Continental assistant helping her, and they didn’t seem bothered and just kept on checking her in. I thought, guess it’s not a problem then. Eventually the lady helping us found me in the itinerary, checked us in, took our bags, gave us our boarding passes and we were off to se-cur-ity (a la Bon Qui Qui).

But guess what?  When we arrived in Edinburgh, two of our bags were missing. Where have they gone, you might ask? Well, they were tagged with the labels for the other lady who was using the computer in front of the counter while the flight attendant was taking care of our stuff on the other side! If they’d only listened! So they’re in Portland. Yeah, that’s Oregon. Mark is without all of his clothing, and we’re minus our toiletries, half the baby’s clothes, most of my shoes, and some other stuff. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow, so hopefully Mark can make it in his shorts until then. Thankfully, a lot of our stuff did make it, and nothing is lost per se.

So, yay, we’ve arrived safely. As I’m finishing this, the sun is beginning to break from the clouds. We’re looking forward to seeing our friends around here again. We’ll be here through the weekend and then the journey to South Africa will begin!