So, we thought some friends were coming over for a braai last night, (translation for my Americans & Brits: Grilling Out or Having a Barbecue) but when they weren’t able to make it, I had a ton of mashed potatoes left over, and they ended up being a super tasty treat this evening. So much so that I had to share the recipe. The Lord has blessed me with Faith like Potatoes again! (This time, meaning, faith that I could stand to eat potatoes again, after having them the night before, and just a few nights before that). If you’re not a fan of recipe-blogging, please say so and I’ll do my best to keep it to a minimum. However, if you are, let me know, because it will make my day! (Especially if you try it!) And I can perhaps begin an occasional Foodtastic Friday!

Now on to the tasty tasty tatties! I seriously made these with stuff that we already had in the flat — and considering the fact that we are in a holiday accommodation flat (meaning not the place we live) and most of my spices are hopefully floating along on a big cargo ship on their way here — I think they turned out pretty well.

These are da playas —

  • 6 or 7 medium sized peeled, boiled and mashed potatoes
  • Feta Cheese, Greek Yoghurt, butter, oil and a little milk
  • Two or three slices of bread. Old ones are fine.
  • And the following spices: Cayenne pepper, salt, garlic salt, oregano, and black pepper – preferably freshly ground (seriously, this is what I’ve picked up since we got here – all of it)

This is da game —

  • Peel and boil your tatties until they’re soft. And while they’re boiling, keep yourself busy! Toast those two or three slices of toast, give ’em a coarse grate with your cheese grater, and toss them in the oven to get a little toastier. (On a baking tray, of course!) It’s nice if the bread crumbs have some big chunks in them, so don’t be bothered if they’re not Martha Stewart. Don’t neglect them! Give them an occasional glance and stir.
  • Once your tatties have boiled, drain them and mash them in the same pot. No need to make a big mess! Melt in a few tablespoons of butter. Careful with this if you’re prone to heart disease. Maybe a reasonable facsimile is a good idea. But those have a whole other set of issues don’t they? Anyway, melt in some “butter or something” and pour in a half to 3/4 a cup of milk. Whatever’s on hand, unless it’s chocolate.
  • Stir in a few healthy shakes of cayenne pepper…whatever’s good for you. Skip it if your kids don’t fancy the hotness. A half a teaspoon of salt, and another half of garlic salt or garlic powder come next. Of course salt isn’t so good for you either, so if you need to use less, I’ll understand. Just don’t blame me if it doesn’t taste so nice. Add a generous bit of oregano. Don’t be shy. Then grind in a healthy portion of black pepper and you are cooking!
  • Now check on your breadcrumbs! Have you burnt them? Should you stir them? Hopefully you can bring them out now and let them cool a little.
  • Next crumble in a few tablespoons of feta cheese, and a couple tablespoons of greek yoghurt. Plain yoghurt is also okay, I suppose…if you have to.
  • Once all this is mixed together, taste it and see what’s missing. Add some more spices (and if you have to, butter) until you like how it tastes. If the consistency isn’t creamy, you might need a little more milk.
  • Now slap a tablespoon of oil — olive, sunflower, whatever your pleasure — into a pyrex, and get messy spreading it around and up the edges with your fingers.  Dollop your delightful mashed potatoes in, and spread them out until they’re fairly smooth and even. Sprinkle on your sassy homemade breadcrumbs, and feel free to layer them with a little grated cheese if you’re really feeling wild.
  • Bake your Tasty Tasty Tatties in a hot oven: 200C or about 375F 40 – 50 minutes, until they’re hot hot hot, and your breadcrumbs are looking tastycrunchy.

I hope you enjoy your Tasty Tasty Tatties! Please let me know if you do, as it will warm my heart!