While I was last back in the States, my sister and I had a good time working out together. She played the part of Jillian the trainer, from America’s Biggest Loser show, and I played the part of one of the chubby folks trying to drop some poundage. Lots of fun. When I got back to Scotland, I was blessed with beginning to work out with my sweet friend Sarah. We’ve been having a blast taking turns making up workouts for ourselves, and working really hard.

So…sad news…Sarah is on a mission trip in Nepal right now. And I have to go work hard at the gym by myself.  We were doing lots of random moderate to high intensity stuff, mixing up cardio and strength, walking on the treadles while doing arm workouts with a medicine ball, etc. etc. And I have now discovered that that was lots of fun while there was another silly American for me to look goofy with, but now that I’m by myself, I feel like a cotton-headed ninnymuggins.

What is it about having two people that makes doing something goofy seem totally okay?  The day before yesterday I was doing pull-ups underneath the treadmill (thanks Jillian — I mean Dodi) and then doing “total body burners” (extended push-ups) off the end of the treadmill.  By the time I got to the last couple, I was sweating and even grunting a little to get through them. A personal trainer was right there stretching out one of his clients, and I could just feel the piercing stare. I was just thinking “I need my gym buddy! I’m not a ninnymuggins, really!”

The sermon in a nutshell: There’s definitely a reason Jesus sent the disciples out in twos.