I’ve been a parent for about six months now, and  I really think it rocks!  Here’s my first crack at an inexperienced parent’s top ten reasons why having a wee one is cool bananas.

10. Examining poopy diapers has become a special discussion Mark and I can share.

9. Traveling is so much better: We get to board the plane first, no one gets mad if we’re in the wrong passport line (at least not in South Africa), and sometimes we even get rushed through security if the baby’s crying (but I still get patted down, thanks.)

8. I no longer need to set my alarm clock.

7. I finally have someone to laugh at all my jokes! (As long as I add in a goofy face at the end). And he likes my singing, too!

6. The British government is hooking us up with like 18 pounds a week just for having a kid in Scotland. (Mark is a British taxpayer, mind you.)

5. We’ve decided to cancel our TV license because the baby is so entertaining. (And we can watch stuff on iTunes and hulu).

4. Two Words. Tax Deduction.

3. I’ve been reaquainted with my childhood affection for dressing and undressing baby dolls. And this one really laughs and cries and pees and poops!

2. Listening to your baby laugh and coo, and seeing him smile at you, is an incredible incredible blessing. (Awwwwww….)

And the number one reason parenthood is the best thing going…

1. I no longer need to search the world for the fountain of youth! I find it regularly when changing diapers.