And the Winners Are…

First things first. A little sad news about the giveaway. By the time I managed to get all the names into the singing cookie jar, the Bear was asleep. Meaning he didn’t do the drawing. Which was contrary to what I promised. I hope you forgive me.

We still good, right?


But Good News. Hero Hubs was really excited to do me the favor of doing the drawing instead.

Which is good because I can’t draw names because I want everyone to win.

So he did it for me. See how enthusiastic he was?

And the games began…

Winner #1: Erin G!

Winner #2: Renea!

Winner #3: Aubrey!

If I had lots of money, or this was the Oprah show, this would be the part where I’d announce that you all won a new car just for entering. Or at least a book. And a makeover? Alas. I wanted all of you to win. Especially you. Yeah, you!

But that’s the story. Hopefully we’ll do something similarly fun again soon. And everyone will get a car and live happily ever after.

Congrats, gals! I’ll email you the details of how to collect the Shutterfly Christmastastic Goodness in the morning!

{It’s bedtime.}



  1. I’m pretty excited about this.

  2. Not only a winner but winner NUMBER ONE. Why yes, I am that awesome. Yaaaaaaaay! Thanks Caroline! :)

  3. This are pretty cool! Hope you have a lot’s of give away.

  4. Congratulations to the winners! I like the giveaways… I am excited to join the next time. Please keep it up. Thank you….

  5. Congratulations to the winners! Hope next time, I’ll be fortunate enough to win! Thank you for this idea of give away… Please keep it up.


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