Joy in the Little Things

A few Saturdays ago, we were on the way from a Shoes of Hope distribution to a braai with some friends. As we passed a big Tile Market on our way to the distribution, we noticed that they had a big bouncy castle outside. When we had a little extra time between our first appointment and our second one and the tile store was on the way, we decided to stop for a while.

The bouncy castle was free of charge and empty of customers, so Hero Hubs decided to join the Bear and help him enjoy the moment.

You would’ve thought we’d paid a hundred dollars to bring the Bear to an awesome theme park.

He went from smiles and giggles to those incredibly delightful gigglesquealscreamlaughs indicative of a kid who’s so happy in the moment it seems like he’s never been happier.

As I grabbed the camera to document the precious moment unfolding I felt like my heart was learning some good lessons at the same time.

Lessons about how it’s good to let go and trust.

And how it’s good to let your hair float in the breeze.

And about how it’s good to just be in the moment, and smile and laugh with all you’ve got.

And even about letting all the things that are weighing you down just fall away…trusting that things are going to be okay, and choosing joy instead of letting worry make you too heavy to enjoy life.

A lot of the time, I’m the Bear’s teacher. But sometimes, he has some really important lessons to teach me. It seems like sometimes we grownups need to be shown how to stop surviving day after day…

to let go and start living again.