Top Ten Scottish and British Delicacies I am REALLY going to miss…

baconrollFour years ago today, my brother and I took the train up from London and I arrived in Bonnie Scotland for what has become a great extended stay. What an awesome time it’s been…I have been blessed beyond belief. Today, movers are in our flat packing up our worldly goods. If you haven’t heard the news already…here it is: We’re leaving Scotland for South Africa next week (with a month in North Carolina in between).

In honour of the adventure behind me, and the adventure to come, here’s the Top Ten Scottish (and a few British) delicacies I am seriously going to miss when this place is in my rear view mirror.

10. Haggis has to be mentioned. It’s last on the list because I’m not going to miss it severely. It’s an enjoyable, occasional option to have with neeps and tatties every once in a while. Sorry haggis, but you’re in last place.

9. Digestive Biscuits. Although I dearly enjoy these, chocolatey, biscuity (cookie) goodness with a cuppa, it is probably very good for me to say bye bye to them.

8. Fruit Muesli from Tesco. They must put crack in this stuff. It is seriously addictive and I eat it every morning!

7. “Hello, Loon Wah, may-a help?” So, apologies, thanks to globalization this Scottish delicacy is actually Chinese, but the Singapore Style Chow Mein at Loon Wah on London Road (across from Meadowbank) is off the chain. I really hope it’s on the menu in heaven. I’m really going to miss it.

6. Shortbread! Especially Millionaire/Caramel Shortbread. Praise the Lord for the sense of taste.

5. Brown Sauce, also know as HP Sauce. This stuff is awesome. Enough said.

4. Banoffee Pudding or Banoffee Pie, especially Banoffee a la Mr. Paul Broon!

3. Cream Tea. (Tea with scones, jam and clotted cream). This should be served to pregnant women on a platter once a week.

2. Steak and Guiness Pie at the Golf Tavern by Leith Links or Steak and Ale pie at the Clachaig in Glencoe. Why do things that are so bad for you taste so good?

1. The Bacon Roll with Brown Sauce. I had two of these while I was in labour with Asher. They are the most delightful things ever. To my friends outside the UK: think Bacon on a Bun with sauce a little more vinegary than BBQ Sauce. I really hope these bad boys are on the menu in SA.

Dear Scotland,

You have been sweet to me these past four years. Thank you very sincerely from the bottom of my tummy.



Top Ten Reasons It’s Great to Be Back in Scotland

So, as previously mentioned, I snagged this Top Ten idea from my soon-to-be brother in law. I love it! And imitation is the highest form of flattery. Thanks Andy! You rock.

We are safely and happily back in our own place in Edinburgh. And it’s good to be here.  I thought I would compile a nice treat for you — a few reasons why it’s great to be back in the land of pipes, kilts, castles, Nessie, and the most wonderful and difficult to capture accent I’ve come across in all my 27 years.

{Isn’t Scotland bonnie?}

10. This Sunday, I walked to church in the pouring-down-heavy-snow, and walked home in the sunshine! All the more chances for Asher to wear his fabulous H&M snowsuit! And me to sport my favourite earmuffs.

9. I saw a bloke crossing the street in a kilt with a gallon of milk yesterday. You don’t see that in every day in Venezuela!

8. I missed getting a regular dose of Polish while grocery shopping at Tesco.

7. This is a beautiful, beautiful country, seriously. It’s a good thing the weather’s rubbish or else everyone would move to Scotland!

6. I missed getting a regular dose of Hindi or Punjabi while grocery shopping at Tesco.

5. My hair straighteners are British and they don’t work in America.

4. Some exciting stuff is happening at CentrePoint Church, and I’m glad to be here and be a part of it!

3. In a couple of months, I’ll never be far from a lone piper rocking out “Flower of Scotland” should I be inclined to stop for a listen. And if I wait a while, he might make transition to a song from Star Wars or the Lion King. Seriously.

2. I’m only a short drive away from Glasgow, where folk’ll “set aboot ya” if yer getting tae be a bit roo’dy.

1. I’m nae tired of learning the language o’er here — ya kin?