For Dodi, at the birth of Baby K

I haven’t heard any news of the arrival yet, but my sister was induced a few hours ago! I’m so excited! I wrote this poem for her at this special time and I thought I would share it with you!

For Dodi, at the birth of Baby K

My sister, dear sister,
I’m thrilled, overjoyed
at the journey that’s starting for you.

At the memories to come,
all the things to be done,
and the start of so many things new.

I’m glad that we’ve stepped
out of spaces so rough
where we struggled to be side by side

Thanks for patience and grace,
I’m so glad to say
now in His blood and ours we are tied.

And in this sweet space
before, in between
at the bridge of three out of two

There’s a moment to look
at how far life has come,
at the glorious journey of you.

There are things that perhaps
you may soon forget:
flying solo, or being just two

How it felt to do just
what you wanted each day
or to spend time alone in the loo.

In exchange for the joys of
organized tupperware drawers
and much time to decide what to wear

I can’t wait to rejoice
at first smiles and first laughs
and a (finally) first cut of hair.

I can’t wait to sing praise
for the goodness of God
in this blessed little life within you

Coming out to change things
speak and rearrange things,
to become and to be and to do.

To my niece or my nephew,
little one, I must say,
God’s chosen great parents for you.

May they teach you His ways,
And may all of your days
be filled with His presence and truth.

My sister, dear sister,
I pray nights ahead
will be peaceful, sweet-tempered and good.

May you savour the grace
that you find for those days
when things don’t work as you hoped they would.

I can’t wait to celebrate
triumphs great and small,
like when diapers and braces are done.

The tough and good talks
the steps and the walks,
the days when the Pirates have won!

As the page turns over
and this new life begins,
after this last thought I’ll be through:

The road that we take
is the journey of a lifetime
and I’m so glad to share it with you.

With so much love, hno, Cecil