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Growing things can be really hard.

Especially when the thing you’re hoping to grow… is you. What if someone could send you a weekly dose of encouragement that kept you asking yourself the right questions that help you keep moving forward in life, with faith? That’s exactly what I like to do, every week.

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Having Trouble Using the J-Word?

If you’ve ever felt uneasy or uncomfortable talking with your kids about Jesus, you’re not alone. I created this little resource to help get the conversation going!

Let's Talk This Out...


Part Homeschool Mom, Part Screech Owl

It was a rough morning at the Collie house.  I was frustrated. I felt like I was raising my voice too often, and I felt like I was goading everyone to do every. single. thing. they needed to do. When I asked a-kid-who-shall-remain-nameless to do a tiny twenty second...


This morning the kids and I were singing a few worship songs together to start our school day. Don't picture it in your mind as an angelic scene: often it's more like me singing, hoping the kids will join me. Sometimes they do but sometimes they're also reading Dog...

Eight Things This Pandemic Can Teach Us

The prayer went a bit like this: “Lord, my heart continues to live in a swirl in these pandemical days. I wrestle with my own decisions. I wrestle with others’ opinions. I long for these days to be done but trust You can use them for my good and your glory.” And that...