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Growing things can be really hard.

Especially when the thing you’re hoping to grow… is you. What if someone could send you a weekly dose of encouragement that kept you asking yourself the right questions that help you keep moving forward in life, with faith? That’s exactly what I like to do, every week.

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Having Trouble Using the J-Word?

If you’ve ever felt uneasy or uncomfortable talking with your kids about Jesus, you’re not alone. I created this little resource to help get the conversation going!

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Two Words to Solve All Your Problems

Can we please have a dog? When can we have a dog? For years, one of our kids asked, on a very consistent basis, if our family could have a dog. He discussed all the reasons it would be wonderful to have a dog. Every time he felt bored he pictured himself in the...

It Stands to Reason… Until It Doesn’t

Once upon a time, Lucy ventured into the wardrobe and found herself in a new country called Narnia. Edmund found it, too, but decided to pretend he hadn't. So it was a great concern for the elder siblings, Peter and Susan, to try to understand why Lucy was pretending...

Who Gets To Say Who You Are?

Have I ever told you about my first job after college?  I moved to a new town to do an internship at a new church, but the only paying gig that opened for my Masters-degree-toting, wet-behind-the-ears-self was at a Pawn Shop. It was pretty different from the desk job...