First things first. A little sad news about the giveaway. By the time I managed to get all the names into the singing cookie jar, the Bear was asleep. Meaning he didn’t do the drawing. Which was contrary to what I promised. I hope you forgive me.

We still good, right?


But Good News. Hero Hubs was really excited to do me the favor of doing the drawing instead.

Which is good because I can’t draw names because I want everyone to win.

So he did it for me. See how enthusiastic he was?

And the games began…

Winner #1: Erin G!

Winner #2: Renea!

Winner #3: Aubrey!

If I had lots of money, or this was the Oprah show, this would be the part where I’d announce that you all won a new car just for entering. Or at least a book. And a makeover? Alas. I wanted all of you to win. Especially you. Yeah, you!

But that’s the story. Hopefully we’ll do something similarly fun again soon. And everyone will get a car and live happily ever after.

Congrats, gals! I’ll email you the details of how to collect the Shutterfly Christmastastic Goodness in the morning!

{It’s bedtime.}