Wholehearted :: A Music Video

Our church has an awesome band. And I know everybody thinks that if their church has a guitar, an amp, and somebody with messy hair or deep v syndrome hitting the stage on Sunday mornings with something other than 4 choruses written in the late 80s, they’ve got a killer band. But seriously, our church has an awesome band. And I have some awesome proof.

In conjunction with the album they just released, Wholehearted, they’ve also recorded a stunning music video which totally had me in tears the first time I saw it. And that’s not just because I’m pregnant.

I thought I might share it with you here for a little inspiration… Lord, help us to be Wholehearted in our worship, and help us to live with the passion with which we sing.

I will never give what cost me nothing Jesus.

That lyric rings in my ears over and over again.

Hope you enjoyed the video!?! The album is now on sale, but I am not sure I can tell you too many details about it, other than I’m sure it’s awesome.

{Side note in case you’re curious, no one asked me to plug the album in this lil’ space…I don’t think many folks at church know I’m a blogger. Can you believe it?}

If you are Stateside and desperately interested in getting a copy of Wholehearted, let me know. I can find out some more details and see if I can bring a few copies over when we head home for the holidays. You got 100 Rand* on ya?


*I don’t actually know if the album how much the album costs. (100 Rand is like $14) Can’t make any promises. 😉

Happy Birthday, G-pa!

We made a special little video to say Happy Birthday to the Grandpa to the Bear in the USA! I wanted to let him view it first, but since America’s now up and at ’em and we’ve enjoyed a special birthday Skype call, (and G-pa has seen his video) I’m posting it here in case you guys and gals would like to see it, too.

We love you, Grandpa! We sure do wish we could be together on your special day. Miss you and can’t wait to see you again soon! Happy Birthday!