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Let your life speak louder than your words… and use your words to create great conversations with your kids.

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ten simple ways
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If you’re looking for super simple, easily-actionable ways to start great faith conversations with your kids, this little {free!} resource is for you. Click the link below and it’ll scurry its way to your inbox as fast as my email elves can send it!

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” {Matt. 19:14, NIV}

Picture Book & Story Book Bibles

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Sally Lloyd-Jones is a household favorite author for us and this picture book Bible has been a great way to introduce stories and ideas to our faith conversations. The illustrations by Jago and unique, beautiful and very engaging! Find it on Amazon here. 

The Tiny Bear Bible 

This board-book Bible is a small collection of rhyming Bible stories and prayers that is perfect for toddlers. We love giving this one as a gift as well. It’s on Amazon right here.

 The Action Bible

If you have a kid who loves comic books/graphic novels, they are apt to find this incredibly engaging. This covers hundreds of stories from Scripture, generally preserving the stories while avoiding the violence or gore that you might be worried about picturing. Glance at the reviews on Amazon and you’ll get a clear picture of what this project covers!


 Indescribable by Louie Giglio  

This devotional has started great conversations and we’ve learned dozens of interesting facts that have led us down loads of wonderful learning and faith rabbit trails. We love this one! It’s on Amazon right here.  

Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado

This devotional has served us well for many years! The one-a-day format is brief but engaging, covers a wide variety of topics and encourages kids to take ownership of their faith and their choices. You can find it here.

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift

This one’s just for Christmas time but I love it so much I want to talk about it all year long. This daily Advent devotional has led our family through the Christmas season year after year, helping us keep Christ at the center of it. I highly recommend visiting Ann Voskamp’s website, printing out the free ornaments, letting your kids color them while you read each day and putting them on display. This is my favorite Christmas tradition!!! Find it here.

Prayer Journals

Giving our kids opportunities to reflect on what’s on their hearts or on something you read in Scripture or a devotional is a beautiful gift. My older kids have enjoyed the guided journals I list below. My pre-readers have enjoyed simply having something of their own to scribble into — and their reflections have surprised me. {The picture above is by six-year-old Arabella, responding to Max Lucado’s words: “The nails didn’t hold Jesus to the cross — love did.”}

Click any of the titles below to find them on Amazon.

The Prayer Map for Boys

The Prayer Map for Girls

Basic Lined Journal for early writers

Basic Unlined Journal

Even if you’re just putting together blank sheets of paper with a bull dog clip or hole punching and adding twine, I encourage you to make this personal and fun for your kids!

Books on Parenting

No one has all the answers to the questions that make parenting hard-and-holy ground. No one has ever raised your child before! Read as much as you can, and then work with your spouse to stay on the same page as you choose to guide your children toward adulthood with grace, patience, and wisdom. A few parenting books we’ve read that really stood out are listed below. Clicking any title will take you to its listing on Amazon, but don’t forget to check the library or a digital app to see if you can find them for free!

Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Ted Tripp {Still our number one favorite after a decade!}

Loving Our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk {I LOVE this family’s sense of humor!!}

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World by Kristen Welch

Parent Talk by Chick Moorman {So many simple ideas to integrate into daily life here.}

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