The Backstory

You wanna know the backstory? Are you sure? Like, how much of it? Because I don’t really know where to start, and that, my friend, is a dangerous thing.

I was born in the Original Washington in 7 minutes flat, back in the early 80s. My sister said they found me in a trash can, but after a while I realised we looked too much alike for me to be convinced I was adopted.

Maybe that’s too far back.

The adventure that started in the sweetest little town in Eastern North Carolina continued a half an hour up the road, where I picked up a couple of degrees (Broadcast Communications B.S., International Studies, M.A.) at East Carolina University. How magna cum laude ever found its way behind my name, the world may never know.

While studying, a three-month adventure to Mexico, a shorter one to South Africa and Zambia, and a third to Scotland convinced me that some more time abroad was a good next step.

From there I spent an exciting year learning the ropes at a Pawn Shop, before departing to be part of a church plant in the chilly British Isles, where four years in Edinburgh earned me a consistently improving attempt at a Scottish accent, a barrel-full of wonderful new friends, a Masters in Theological Ethics, and half a PhD.

While enjoying my bacon roll with brown sauce, and exploring Auld Reekie, I met a strapping South African lad who is not to be confused with the Croc Hunter. Ahem. We married less than two years later, and have a Scottish-African-American Bear, a sweet Baby Brother, and at least ten thousand photos to show for our adventures together thus far.

We moved to South Africa two years later, and founded a local division of the international charity Samaritan’s Feet, called Samaritan’s Feet South Africa. Catchy, hey? After about two years of calling the Western Cape home, we moved back to that sweet little hometown of mine in Eastern North Carolina. And isn’t it amazing — I’m soon expecting the birth of our third child, and she will be born in that same hospital where this adventure all started — but will she beat the record of seven minutes flat? We’ll see.

Though my mailing address has changed ten times and spanned three continents in the last seven years, I am ever so glad that stepping outside my door with passport in hand has led to the pie of adventure that has befallen this little ol’ gal from Eastern North Carolina.

So, I write with love, from here.


This is the wee Collie clan, at present — a photo of all of us with new baby sister should be on its way soon!


How was that for the the short and short of it? For the rest of the story (as it unfolds) and some extra thoughts thrown in free of charge, you can head back to the home page or peruse the archives. Thanks for stopping by!

I love feedback, I hope you’re encouraged and I hope you enjoy! If you would like my opinion about something, would like me to write about something, or even if you think I should just hush, as the Scots say, gies a shout! You can email me at cedcollie {at} gmail {dot} com or holla at carolinecollie on Twitter. We raise our own support for our ministry, so feel free to ask for those details, if you’d like information about making a contribution!

Blessings and grace,


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